Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Murder, Mayhem and Matrimony at the Log Mahal

Nice...very nice.

Dateline Payson, AZ 03MAY2008

NASCAR Diecast mogul Fred Wagenhals took the mock plunge Saturday amidst the murder subterfuge in the sleepy golf community Chaparral Pines to his betrothed, Real Estate Broker and Radio talk show host Heather Quintero.

A ruse devised by the couple to include local friends and relatives to participate in a wedding they otherwise will perform overseas made a smashing impact on uninitiated wedding guests.

"We couldn't figure out the $10million dollar pad and fake flowers at first," decried invited guests whose first visit to the 16,000sq. ft. log cabin could be a bit intimidating. "Then all the folks in costume was over the top. One of the women (characters) was spouting off how she was going to steal the groom if Heather left just an inch of space to squeeze through"

The entire event began the night before with the cocktail party where the cast of characters could mingle and begin their impromptu scenes on camera with famed television producer and camera man Richard Stafford. Stafford, who usually films hunting shows and travels with the wedding couple to film their hunts around the world was not prepared for the enthusiasm of the cast of characters. "Girl," he says to Heather, "what on Earth did you get me into???" as he ran from scene to scene trying to capture all the scenes later to be edited into a final murder mystery.

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